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  1. Hello Arigon, my name is Jaron Bizahaloni.
    I had met your group at phoenix comic con 2011. You may not remember me but i was the navajo guy with the sketchbook who went to your panel and booth. I only saw you all for one day but i’m glad I did. I like what you are doing and i am aiming for the same goal in bring Native American culture to comics. I would like to hear more about you all once again, because I am currently working on my own story, as I told you at PCC, now that I am stable in my position. I am almost done with my first book (32 pages) and I would like your opinion on it when it is completed. Thank you and I hope to see you next year at PCC 2013.

    From Jaron Bizahaloni
    Artist/ Writer

  2. Very nice to see a comic with a positive native role model.

    Perhaps there is hope for other Native inspired comics/manga

    Neko Zujihan

  3. Dear Ms. Starr: I am a teacher at Bowler Elem. School in northern Wisconsin. Half of our students are from the Stockbridge Munsee Tribe. (The Mohican tribe.) I showed the PBS show that you were on and had them take notes about “setting goals” and what happens when you do. We would really like to meet you. My next step is to buy your graphic novels for the students to check-out and read. They will be thrilled. If you are ever up in our area we would love to meet you. You are an inspiration to all of our students. We need to continue to hear from you, and others, so our students will start working harder and setting goals for themselves so they are able to have a better future. If you are able, please come for a visit. We would be honored.
    Thank you for all that you do,
    Jody Siahaan
    ELA Reading Interventionist

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