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In April 2007, Native Voices at the Autry teamed with the Native Radio Theater to produce Arigon Starr’s radio comedy series SUPER INDIAN. The programs were directed by William Dufris and featured live sound effects by Tony Palermo and Janna Lopez, with incidental music by Brian Joseph. Three performances were taped live at the Autry National Center in Los Angeles, CA. The ten five minute programs were edited and mixed by director William Dufris and broacast on the Native Voice One Radio Network.

Featuring an all-star Native American cast including Kalani Queypo, Robert Vestal, Delanna Studi, Thirza Defoe, Arigon Starr, Kevin Sifieuntes, Gil Birmingham, Tom Allard, Michael Wise, Joseph Sanfelipppo and Michael Matthys, SUPER INDIAN the radio series tells the origin story of Hubert Logan, a young Indian boy who eats tainted commodity cheese and gains super powers.

Show Credits


TOM ALLARD as Wampum Baggs, Ficus McFiggus

GIL BIRMINGHAM as Chief Jerry Yellowshirt, Agent 49

THIRZA DEFOE as Tillie Thunder, Priscilla Yellowshirt, Sage

MICHAEL MATTHYS as Diogi, Dr. Eaton Crowe, Bick Bucks

KALANI QUEYPO as Hubert Logan, Super Indian

JOSEPH SANFELIPPO as the Announcer, Technoskin, Twiggus McFiggus, Tribal Policeman

KEVIN SIFUENTES as Derek Thunder, Vito Couer D’Alene, Wallace Ward, Janitor

ARIGON STARR as Flora Logan, Vivian Hardy

DELANNA STUDI as Lena Marie, Carrie Logan, Nurse Jayne, Tori the Dog

ROBERT VESTAL as General Bear, Mega Bear, Cal Van Erik

MICHAEL WISE as Uncle Chester, Mick Logan

Written by Arigon Starr

Directed by William Dufris

Sound Effects Artists: Michel Tyabji, Janna Lopez and Tony Palermo

Musicians: Brian Josephs, Vince Whipple

Engineering by Jeremy Satchel, Chris Johnson

Production Staff: Jennifer Bobiwash, Rose-Yvonne Colletta, Carolyn Dunn, Patty Gomes, John Gregg, Ian Skorodin, Donna Tuggle

Producers: Jean Bruce Scott, Randy Reinholz

Thanks to Hollywood Sound, Frank Blythe, Sue Zizza, National Audio Theater Festivals, Besty Richards, John Gray, Jackie Autry, The Autry National Center

Support provided by Wells Fargo, City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, J.P. Morgan Chase, Los Angeles County Arts Commission, The James Irvine Foundation, Sidney Stern Memorial Trust, Actors Equity, Ford Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and NRT, the Native Radio Theater Project and a special thanks to the Fox Studios.

Co-Production of Native American Telecommunications, Inc. and Native Voices at the Autry.

NRT Co-Executive Producers: Shirley K. Sneve, Randy Reinholz, Producer, Jean Bruce Scott


If you’d like to listen to the series, check it out on This is the full show, including the parody ads. The program was originally broadcast on Native Voice One and the American Indian Radio on Satellite.

Click on this link to check it out.


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