Arigon Featured At The Philbrook Museum In Downtown Tulsa

Philbrook Display

In January of 2018, Arigon Starr was part of a group exhibition featuring the creative work of the Tulsa Artist Fellowship. Alongside her cohorts, the main downstairs gallery of the Philbrook Museum downtown became a super-hip art show.

“I have had my artwork displayed in galleries before, but this was something really special! The Tulsa Artist Fellowship has world-class folks in their midst and I was honored to be a part of it.”

Here’s a quick view of the artwork set-up.

Philbrook Display

Many folks visited the show while it was up, including the young son of artist Bunky Echo-Hawk. “Bunky told me that his child didn’t want to leave my artwork. I am so thrilled that young folks were engaged with my comic book art. That makes me know I’m doing something right!”Kids Love Super Indian

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