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One of the best things about going to Comic conventions is the people you meet! As many of you know, Arigon attended WonderCon Anaheim last weekend. Many folks stopped by the Indigenous Narratives Collective to meet and greet with Arigon, artist/creator Theo Tso (“Captain Pauite”) and “Super Indian” editor Janet Miner. They also bought books, got more information — and asked questions.

Lots of them!

Arigon graciously spoke with a few of the journalists making the rounds, including Marcelo Lewin at Indie Comics and Rik Offenberger at First Comics News.

We’re excited that “Super Indian” is receiving more mainstream coverage — especially from comic industry news sites. “My book is still finding it’s audience and what a treat that other folks are starting to check it out,” smiled Arigon. We don’t think her feet are touching the ground just yet!

You can check out the articles here:

Marcelo Lewin’s Indie Comics Tracker Podcast:

First Comics News extensive interview with Rik Offenberger:

Take a moment to read, enjoy and let the powers-that-be at these websites know you appreciate them featuring not only a Native American artist — but a women of color!



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