We are hard at work here at Rezium Studios on a number of projects. Arigon is working on a 12-page story for the upcoming “Tales of the Mighty Code Talkers” from INC Comics that’s due later this year. Additionally, Arigon has completed work on Super Indian Issue #5, “The Curse of Blud Kwan’Tum.” If you’ve been reading — you’ll know the story is in the midst of telling the story of Blud Kwan’Tum and his nefarious origins!

As some of you know, every year Rezium Studios/Wacky Productions Unlimited send out special, unique Christmas cards to their friends and vendors. Here’s what year’s card looked like:


And a really fun story about the card from one of Super Indian’s biggest fans, poet/playwright Heid E. Erdrich:

Did I tell you I loved your card, Arigon? I reused it for a label on a gift at a white elephant and folks FOUGHT over the package.

What will you do with YOUR Super Indian Christmas card next year?

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