There Was A Reason For the Short Break from Weekly Comics…”Code Talkers” on the Way!

Cover of Tales of the Mighty Code Talker Vol. 1

Cover of Tales of the Mighty Code Talker Vol. 1We’re sure many of you were wondering where in the heck the new “Super Indian” online comics were! Yes, we had a break in service for awhile…but it was for a justified reason! Arigon has been working endless, dedicated hours on “Tales of the Mighty Code Talkers, Volume One.” 

She finally got all of the writing, drawing, designing and proofing finished and delivered the files to publisher Lee Francis IV at Native Realities Press.

As many of you remember from a few years back, INC Comics/Native Realities issued a teaser issue for “Code Talkers” that featured a story Arigon wrote about the Choctaw Code Talkers. The story, “Annumpa Luma: Code Talker” will be included in the comic anthology, along with the work of Roy Boney, Jr., Michael Sheyahshe, Jonathan Nelson, Theo Tso, Weshoyot Alvitre, Renee Nejo and Johnnie Diacon.

The official press release will be coming soon and we’ll reprint here when we receive it. In the meantime, here’s an image from “Annumpa: Luma” just to refresh your memory!

Choctaw Code Talkers Sample

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