Arigon Starr brings Super Indian to San Diego Comic Con 2019


Plus — a super exclusive for SDCC fans!

Flyer for SDCC 2019
The Flyer for Arigon’s appearance at San Diego Comic Con 2019

For the second time in “Super Indian” history, Arigon Starr will be visible and participating in this year’s San Diego Comic Con. As you probably know, the annual Comic Con attracts hundreds of thousands of comic book, film, TV and genre fans from around the world.

Arigon has a table in the Artist’s Alley Area of the giant Exhibit Hall. Editor/Publisher/CEO Janet Miner will also be joining her at the table. They will have copies of “Super Indian” Volume One and Two, plus “Tales of the Mighty Code Talkers, Volume One.

Most exciting for item for “Super Indian” fans — a very limited edition, 36-page comic with a preview of “Super Indian Volume Three.

Special Limited Edition Super Indian Comic Cover
Cover of the Limited Edition Comic

The comic contains a preview of “Old School,” the story of a bitter new-age woman who returns to dominate the Rez with a strange line of essential oils. Super Indian has to rely on back-up from a former Rez Hero, Jimi Black. Also included are looks at the work Arigon has been doing outside of “Super Indian.”

The Super Indian Limited Edition comic retails for $7.99 and is available from our site while supplies last.

Hope to see many of you at San Diego Comic Con!

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