“The Policeman” comes to Oklahoma Today Magazine


Arigon Starr’s Eight-Page comic tells the strange story of underground Choctaws and family secrets.

Cover of July/August issue of Oklahoma Today Magazine
The cover of the July/August 2019 issue of “Oklahoma Today”

On the newsstands in Oklahoma is the July/August 2019 issue of regional magazine “Oklahoma Today.”

Back in 2018, editor Nathan Gunter reached out to Arigon to create an eight-page comic book story. “He told me how much he admired my work. What was really neat was to have free reign to craft whatever story I wanted to,” she said.

Arigon took her short story, “The Policeman” and adapted it into a comic story. “The Policeman” had been written for a short story contest and received an “Honorable Mention.” “Hey, that’s pretty darn good for the first time I’d ever written a short story,” laughed Arigon. “The original story was inspired by the novel ‘Field of Honor,’ written by Choctaw writer D.L. Birchfield,” she enthused. “Field of Honor” is the story of a Choctaw man who finds a secret underground civilization of Choctaws who have modern technology, but live in a traditional way. “I couldn’t shake that story! I listen to ‘Coast To Coast AM’ every night on the radio and there are often stories about law enforcement who encounter strange lights at night and thought I’d put these two things together, with a Native twist.”

The magazine is available across the state of Oklahoma at retail shops like Wal-Mart, Books-A-Million, CostCo, Barnes & Noble and more. If you’re not in Oklahoma, you can order directly from the publisher here:

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Partial image of page one of the Policeman comic in Oklahoma Today Magazine
The first page of “The Policeman” from “Oklahoma Today” magazine.

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