Denver Comic Con Flyer

Oh, the excitement of it all!

Arigon will be joining fellow Indigenous Narratives Collective members Lee Francis IV, Marty Two Bulls and Michael Sheyahshe at the annual Denver Comic Con.

The group has multiple panels and will also have a booth/table at the Exhibit Hall.

Tickets are available on the Denver Comic Con website at

We also have exciting news! The folks at Comixology have added “Super Indian Volume One” to their vast online catalog and will be offering it for sale. For those of you wondering what Comixology is — they sell digital copies of hundreds of mainstream comic book titles like “Superman,” “Iron Man,” and “The Walking Dead.”

“I’m so thrilled about this,” grinned Arigon. “When I was at the Comixology panel at last year’s San Diego Comic Con, they let indie artists know that they would be opening their doors to artists like me. They would be setting up a committee to look at every submission and make sure that your project was a quality, professional comic. I am beyond proud that my work on ‘Super Indian’ made the cut!”

The on-sale date for “Super Indian Volume One” is Wednesday, June 5th. As soon as we get the official link, you KNOW it will be here.

In the meantime, check out the Comixology site and start making a wish list!

In the meantime, enjoy one of Arigon’s sketches from her time at Phoenix Comic Con — it’s our favorite feline Kyle — as a “Doctor Who”-styled Time Lord!

Kyle is a Time Lord!

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