I Get Around…and Have You Seen Kyle?


Arigon and her Husky Hat

That’s Arigon whistling that old Beach Boys hit “I Get Around.” And she certainly does.

Recently, Arigon visited the beautiful cities of Seattle and Walla Walla in Washington State and performed at the historic Cain’s Ballroom.

As most of you know, Arigon is a woman of many talents and when she makes “an appearance” it’s anybody’s guess as to whether she will be singing with her guitar, doing her one-woman show or talking about the entertainment industry.

As we mentioned last month, Arigon was invited to join the Native Americans In The Comic Book World panel that happens at this year’s Phoenix Comicon. The panel takes place on SATURDAY, MAY 28TH AT 4:30PM at the Phoenix Convention Center, Room 126B.

You will need to buy a ticket to get in ($35 each) — but the convention is bigger than all that! There are dozens of panels about comic books, science fiction, fantasy — even zombies! Genre icons like George Takai, Leonard Nimoy, Wil Wheaton (“Star Trek”) and the legendary Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee will take the stage and talk about their past and future projects. Also included is a huge trade show featuring book signings, all kinds of products and comics and plenty of items that will make you go “Hmm…” AAAY!

“This is the first time I’ve actually presented at a comic convention. I went to one of the early San Diego Comic Cons many years ago. My Mom dropped me off and I just drooled over the guys selling “Creepy,” “Eerie” and back issues of Batman, Spiderman and Superman in those cardboard long boxes. I didn’t attend one panel — I got lost in the trade show.” Arigon has been a “genre” fan for a long time and she is super excited about being part of the scene. “I’ve attended the big San Diego Comic Con, but also their affiliated shows Wonder-Con and the hip Alternative Press Expo. It really gives me a charge to be around people who are pursuing their passion. Nothing like it!,” she enthused.

Rezium Studios continues to crank out the comics — and there is some discussion about having “Super Indian” become part of one or more Tribal Newspapers. “I hope we get it worked out soon. I never thought my work would be a strip comic like ‘Peanuts’ or ‘Brenda Starr,'” Arigon smiled. As soon as we get the okay — we’ll let you know where you can look for “Super Indian” in print.

Kyle eats from his dishHow did everyone like “Kyle?” Arigon has been busy knocking out ideas and drawing the adventures of the strangely compelling hairless cat. “There is just something appealing about him! I was watching the documentary on OWN about Chaz Bono and saw that he owned a family of hairless cats. I spent most of the show yelling out, ‘Kyle! No!,” laughed Arigon. We know that Kyle will be making more appearances as part of the “Super Indian” universe very soon.

We’ll have an update from the road next week about how the Phoenix Comic Con went — and more “Super Indian” news. Stay in touch and THANK YOU to almost 900 people who have “liked” Super Indian on Facebook. Phenomenal numbers considering the very “soft” opening of the webcomic. We HEART you guys!

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