Wonder Con 2011 and Kyle’s Royal Wedding


Arigon at WonderCon in San Francisco

We’re going Comic Convention Happy!

As you might have seen on the Super Indian Facebook page, Arigon will attend the Phoenix Comic Con as a guest on the Native Americans in the Comic Book World panel. She will join Jacques La Grange, Ryan Huna Smith and Jon Proudstar to talk about where Native people fit in the comic universe.

The panel happens on Saturday, May 28th at 4:30pm. The Con is (of course!) open to the public.

You can find more about ticket prices, location and other cool guests like Leonard Nimoy, Stan Lee, Todd McFarlane, George Takei (and MORE) by visiting the Phoenix Comicon website.

[That’s a photo of Arigon outside San Francisco’s Moscone Center at last month’s WonderCon.]

Happy Royal Wedding Day! Did you watch? We’re sure some of you you did — or will catch the whole extravaganza on your DVR. Kyle, the hairless cat couldn’t HELP but watch!

Kyle the Hairless CatEveryone at Rezium Studios thought this was a great time to add our newest comic, “Kyle” to the mix. We told you a bit about Kyle in an earlier post. “My friends and I have been laughing about Kyle for a few weeks — and I really wanted to share my less finished-style artwork to everyone. This is the kind of art that got me through dull lectures in school and at department meetings at the office….or on the road with my band! I would probably get into trouble if I posted some of the drawings I’ve done of people! AAAY!,” laughed Arigon.

As previously posted, “Kyle” follows the adventures of a hairless cat who happily lives in his own universe. “I never know exactly where Kyle is going to take me, but when his stories come out, they make me laugh,” commented Arigon. We know that “Kyle” will make cameos in the “Super Indian” comics — but you’ll have to look for them. “I would not rule out having Diogi meet Kyle somewhere,” said Arigon. “Kyle is a cat….and he has a mind of his own.”

One other thing — thank you to ALL the folks who have become fans of “Super Indian” on Facebook and click that “Like” button on the comic pages. Keep telling your friends — and we will keep the comics coming!

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