Praise for the Super Indian Radio Series

Super Indian radio show taping
Kalani Queypo and Zahn McLarnon

Have you read the awesome review of the “Super Indian” radio series on the Radio Drama Revival website? Click here to read Captain Radio’s enthusiastic praise.

He writes:

With a solid cast of savvy insiders, plenty of fast-paced action, and clever satire that flies like bent arrows both ways across the reservation boundary, the Captain believes that justly earns its fans and the continuing right to delight.

Take a minute to check out the site. The crew is very supportive of indie productions and the viability of audio theater projects. We hope that someone with deep pockets finds a way to send some love (and production dollars) to a reboot of the “Super Indian” radio series.

Super Indian radio show taping
Rob Vestal at the Super Indian Radio show taping

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