Super Indian Volume Three – The Wait Is Finally Over!

Super Indian flying on blue background with clouds
Cover of Super Indian Volume Three

Everyone here at Wacky Productions Unlimited and Rezium Studios have been doing happy dances the past two weeks. Arigon Starr (Words & Art) and Janet Miner (Editor) have completed all the work on Super Indian Volume Three! The 64-page trade paperback is in the works and will be delivered to Rezium Studios in the next few weeks.

Volume Three contains two big Super Indian issues, a single issue of “Laguna Woman,” plus profiles of two real-life Super Indians, fierce American Indian Movement activist Fern Eastman Mathias and Major League baseball all-star Allie Reynolds.

Wacky’s official release date for the book is Thursday, April 11th. Super Indian Comics will begin taking orders on April 11th and begin shipping the books on May 3rd.

If you’re attending the upcoming Indigenous Pop Expo in Oklahoma City on April 12 or 13, you might have an opportunity to purchase an advance copy of the book.

“If we get our early shipment of books in before April 11th, I will bring a few with me to Oklahoma City,” smiled Arigon. “I do hope people love the book as much as I loved making it!”

If you’re in the Eugene, Oregon or Corvallis, Oregon area — Arigon Starr is going to be making a few on campus visits to The University of Oregon and Oregon State University. She will have books, as long as they arrive at Rezium Studios before she leaves. More on those appearances to come!

In the meantime, take a look at our shop and place your orders beginning April 11! Here’s the link: 

For those wanting to attend the Indigenous Pop Expo in Oklahoma on April 12-14, check out this link for more information:

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