Are you excited yet? Super Indian Issue #5, “The Curse of Blud Kwan’Tum” is here!

We’ve been excited about all the orders we’ve been receiving via Amazon and Paypal! The support is appreciated and it’s great to know the word about “Super Indian” is getting out thanks to all who’ve been reading online since April 2011.

Commodity CheeseHad an interesting question from a reader who wanted to know where to buy or view Super Indian Issue #1 and #2. Well….we have a confession to make! Those issues are “in the can” — but they were produced wa-a-a-ay back in 2007 and not really up to our exacting standards. Arigon readily admits — “Hey, I was just learning how to put together a comic and I KNOW I can do better!”

Expect to see the origin story of Hubert Logan in a future edition of the printed version of “Super Indian.”

If you’re curious about the story, you can listen to the first episode of the “Super Indian” radio series and get an idea of how the whole “he ate tainted commodity cheese and got super powers” went down. The episode is called “Commod Bod” and you can find it on our website and the radio website.

“Super Indian” radio series on

Or try our link at the bottom of the post!

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