Arigon Returns to Oklahoma for the 2023 Indigenous Pop Expo at the First American Museum


Arigon Starr at the IndigiPop Expo

Banner for Arigon Starr and the Indigenous Pop Expo 2023
Banner Announcing Arigon’s appearance at the 2023 Indigenous Pop Expo

In person comic conventions are back!

Arigon Starr will be traveling from Los Angeles, CA to Oklahoma City, OK to be part of the exciting Indigenous Pop Expo taking place at the First American Museum. She will join dozens of other creative natives working in the comic, film, TV and gaming industries in a celebration of representing contemporary Native American culture.

An exciting element of Arigon’s appearance is a chance to get your first look at her illustration work on the upcoming children’s book Contenders: Two Native Americans, One World Series. The book tells the story of two Native baseball players — Charles Bender (Ojibwe) and John Meyers (Cahuilla) who faced each other in the 1911 World Series. The author of the book, Traci Sorell (Cherokee), met Arigon a few years ago and they bonded over baseball. “Both of us are diehard fans — and it was a match made in heaven to collaborate on a book about Natives in baseball,” said Arigon.

Two Native American baseball players on the cover of book Contenders from Kokila Books
The cover of “Contenders: Two Native Baseball Players, One World Series” from Kokila Books

Traci Sorell will also be part of the IndigiPop Expo on Saturday, March 11th.

Arigon will also preview the updated versions of Super Indian Volume One and Super Indian Volume Two. She has spent the last six months tweaking the lettering and logo for Super Indian, in addition to creating a new cover illustration for Volume One. “I was excited that because I am my own publisher — it was a matter of deciding to make the change, then doing the work with my new skills. I am a fan of the folks at Comicraft and Blambot. Both of those companies make excellent comic book fonts and have tutorials to help DIY people like me make their work better,” enthused Arigon.

The Indigenous Pop Expo runs from March 10 through March 12. Information links follow.

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“Contenders: Two Native Americans, One World Series” Pre-Order

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